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English Language

When one intends to put ideas, information findings or opinions down in paper for the purpose of storage for postenfy, utmost care and castion need to be taken by the writer to ensure that the intention is perfectly communicated and the readership duty considered.

Stages in the creative writing process

  1. Deciding on a theme and genre: taking a decision on what to write about and the genre to adopt for your writing is an important exercise towards a fulfilling writing process or career.
  2. Language Usage: Writing involves using the words of a language. A writer must therefore be versatile in the language he choosed to write in. perhaps the fact needs to be stressed that the quality of any writing is largely assessed in the basis of language. Therefore, a writer should be at home with the rules of punctuation, spelling and grammar of the language for correct usuage. A writer should also be conversant with the connotative use of words in the language apart from the normal meaning.
  3. Research: another prewriting activity which is common to all writing is the choice of a subject. Some experts are of the view that a writer should write only things he knows while others one of the view that he should write also in those things he does not know by researching into them.


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