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Ways of Solving Common Social Problems in Nigeria

Social Studies

Effect of Social Problems

Social problems have effect on the society at large, individual and family.


  1. Loss of life: Those who engaged in cultism, prostitution and HIV/AIDS and some other social vices often lose their life immediately or eventually.
  2. Loss of reputation and dignity: Individuals who engage in kidnapping, prostitution and sexual immorality are never respected in the society. They are seen as irresponsible and unfit to occupy a dignified post.
  3. It can lead to frustration.
  4. Negative peer pressure has really drawn some youths into secret cults which put a stop to their career or led to their untimely death.
  5. Dishonesty leads individuals to various vices like examination malpractices, corruption, fraudulent practices etc.



  1. It may lead to broken home: Those who engage in criminal activities like kidnapping, armed robbery, drug trafficking hardly have a settled home. Their spouses are likely to divorce them and this has a ripple effect on their children.
  2. It brings shame and dents family image: A child caught in cultism or armed robbery will bring shame to his parents. Such a child will destroy the family name, image and reputation
  3. Conflict: Social problems in the society such as unemployment has increased conflict at home.
  4. Sexual immorality like incest and child abuse are on the increase in Nigeria.



  1. It dents the nation’s image: Those who engage in computer fraud, drug trafficking and other heinous crimes are indirectly destroying the image of the nation internationally. Other nations will see any Nigerian as a criminal that should be avoided like plague.
  2. It brings loss of lives and property: Many lives have been lost through ritual killings, HIV/AID, and pipeline vandalisation. Many cultists have killed some innocent souls on our campuses. Pipelines have been vandalized by aggrieved youths in the South-South which has greatly affected the nation’s revenue.
  3. Social instability: This is the breakdown of law and order in the society where there will be insecurity of lives and properties. Social instability arises due to social problems like crime, injustice, corruption, kidnapping etc.
  4. Economic depression: Problems such as corruption, greed, selfishness etc. are the harbinger of economic depression.
  5. Disunity: Social issues and problems like ethnicity have led to disunity in this country.



  1. Education :Our educational system should reflect changes in the society.
  2. Creation of jobs: Both the public and private sectors must create jobs for the unemployed people. There should be incentives for self-employed people.
  3. Home/school training: Parents should wake up to their responsibilities to their children. Training of children should not be the responsibility of the school alone. There should be a co-operative effort in the training of children. Parental love, care,guardians and control. This should be complemented by the school.
  4. Religious organisations shouldlive up to their expectations. Pastors and Imams should ensure that children and youths are given the right religious admonitions that will make them ignore evil and have the fear of God.
  5. Mass media particularly the T.V and radio houses should through their programmes, re-orientate children and youths against negative behaviour. Their wrong notions and conceptions should be corrected.



  • Explain the significance of contemporary social problems to political instability.
  • Mention the basic facilities and social amenities that are affected during economic depression.



  1. Which of these is a positive social behaviour? A. Dishonesty B. Sincerity C. Stealing
  2. Truancy
  3. Which of these social issues does not require force to resolve? A. Insurgency
  4. Unemployment C. Armed robbery D. Pipeline vandalism
  5. All of the following are reasons for becoming a member of a cult group except for/to
  6. have access to girls B. increase social values. C. security D. social identity
  7. An improper way which falls short of the proper conduct of an examination is called _____ A. conspiracy B. corruption C. examination malpractices D. examination practice.
  8. The following are the effects of examination malpractices EXCEPT ________
  9. innocent students may become victims B. it leads to production of dishonest citizens C. there will be confidence in the educational system of the country D. cancellation of results



  1. Mention five causes of social problems in Nigeria.
  2. Mention three effects of social problems on individual


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