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A prefix is a letter or groups of letter added in front of another word to change its meaning e..  anti + body = antibody, ex + president = expresidetn

Suffix is a letter or group of letter added at the end of the word.  E.g. Use +less = useless,  punish + ment = punishment


Prefix              meaning                       examples

  1. A- on                                afloat, ashore
  2. Ab- away, from                  absolve, abnormal
  3. Mal- bad                              malnutrition, mal administration
  4. Post- after                             post war, post natal

Suffix              meaning                       examples

  1. Er- these are suffixes        teacher, friendship
  2. Or- that turn words            surveyor, goodness
  3. Ship- into a noun                  Materialismt.c
  4. Ism-


EVALUATION:  Generate words with the following prefixes –“bi”, “super”, “tele”, “inter”, “re”, sub”.



Generate more words while giving their meaning (s) with the following suffixes  (a) “-ful”  (b) “-ic”  (c) “-ous”   (d)  “-ise”  (e) “-ed”

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