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Obligations are legal or moral duties of citizens towards their government and fellow citizens. They are compulsory functions which citizens perform towards the state, its agencies and to his fellow citizens.

Types of Obligations

  1. Political Obligation
  2. Social/Civil Obligation
  3. Economic Obligation
  4. Political Obligations include: Obedience to the state, respect for natural symbol, & voting during elections.
  5. Economic Obligations include: Diligence and hard work at work; avoid sabotage and illegal business; tax payment and expose criminals.
  6. Social/Civil Obligation include: respect for other people’s rights, assisting fellow citizens, avoiding forced labour or degrading treatment; avoid any form of discrimination against any other citizen; treating people fairly and the cleaning of our environment.


Importance of Obligations of Citizens

  1. To promote peace, harmony and orderliness in our society.
  2. It promotes progress and development in our society.
  3. It ensures the sustenance of rule of law


Consequences of failure of citizens to perform obligations.

  1. Failure to perform ones obligation could lead to punishment and legal sanctions.
  2. It could lead to a breakdown of law and order
  3. It could lead to fear and insecurity in our society
  4. There will be no or slow development
  5. There will be high cost of administration since people are failure to perform their Obligations.



  • Define Obligation
  • Mention the types of obligations


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