New Testament books are:

  1. Biographical books or Gospels.
  2. Historical books (Acts of the Apostles).
  3. The Epistles.
  4. Apocalyptic or Prophetic book
  5. a) Biographical book or Gospels

Gospel means Good News. The disciples of Jesus wrote the biographical books.

They contain information about the birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The biographical books are four.

(i) Mathew – Written by Mathew

(ii) Mark – Written by Mark

(iii) Luke – Written by Luke,the doctor and

(iv) John – written by John

(the beloved disciple of Jesus Christ)

  1. b) Historical books

There is one historical book, which is the Acts of the Apostles.

Luke, the writer of the St.Luke’s Gospel, wrote it. The book of Acts tells us the history of the early church.

  1. c) The Epistles
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There are two Epistles:

Pauline Epistles and

General Epistles. Pauline Epistles are letters written by Paul.

They are 13 letters that Paul wrote to

(1) Romans

(2,3) 1, 2 Corinthians

(4) Galatians

(5) Ephesians

(6) Philippines

(7) Colossians

(8, 9) 1, 2 Thessalonians

(10, 11) 1, 2 Timothy

(12) Titus and Philemon.

General Epistles are letters written to the church by other people.

The letters are 8 in number.

They (1) Hebrews

(2) James

(3,4) 1, 2 Peter

(5,6,7) 1, 2, 3, John and

(8) Jude

  1. d) Apocalyptic or Prophetic book

This is the book of Revelation.

It is the last book in the New Testament.

It is different from other books.

This is because it is prophetic of things to come.

It is about the future. It was written by John the beloved disciple of Jesus Christ.

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