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Birthday is the day in each year which is the same date as the one which you were born. My last birthday, was on 23rd June, 2015. It was a memorable day I will not forget.

My parent in their own strength celebrated it in a very big way. My friends, family and relations were invited. In preparation, foods and assorted drinks with cake were made available.

At exactly 2:00pm, the ceremony commenced, I looked so pretty in my beautiful attire. Friend came around to congratulate me. The MC and DJ works hand in hand as the MC introduced different activities in the party e.g. going round the table, hide and seek game, who will be the first? And so on.

The item seven (7) soon followed and everyone eats to their satisfaction. Almost everyone in attendance present their gifts happily. I was so happy just as my parents were. After the presentation of the gift, the DJ opened the ground for appreciation through dance. I danced happily with friends and relation and the while ceremony came to an end around 7:00pm.

It is a memorable day, I will live to remember.

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