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Meaning of Chemicals

A chemical is define as any substance which is capable of breaking down, or combining with its kind or other substances under a suitable environment, to become a new substance, having a completely different character, behavior, quality or use.


Chemicals suitable for use and those not suitable for use.

  1. Characteristics of chemicals suitable for use Characteristics of chemicals not suitable for use

Non-hazardous chemicals                                           (hazardous chemical)

  1. Safe i. Dangerous
  2. Harmless ii. Harmful traits particularly when ingested or by mere contact.

iii. Can be inhaled and ingested                                 iii. Destructive to life and the environment

  1. Non toxic iv. Toxic
  2. Non-irritant v. Irritant
  3. Non-corrosive vi. Corrosive

vii. Non-radioactive                                                    vii. Radioactive

viii. Non – flammable                                                 viii. Flamable



NAFDAC regulates, monitors and controls the importation, exportation, manufacture, advertisement, distribution, sale and use of foods, drugs and chemicals.

This is to

  1. Ensure compliance with standard specifications designated and approved by the council.
  2. Enable appropriate investigation into the production premises and raw materials.
  3. Establish relevant quality assurance system.
  4. Ensure that advertisements in the print and electronic media are not abused
  5. Monitor the utilization of controlled chemical substances
  6. Scrutinize the disposal records of chemicals
  7. Ensure non-diversion of chemicals for illicit usage
  8. Ensure that people less knowledgeable or completely ignorant are not allowed to work with chemicals or come near them.
  1. Ensure that handlers of chemicals are kitted with safety gadgets
  2. Ensure that chemicals are not sold in residential areas.
  3. Ensure that food and pharmaceuticals are not stored in the same place with pesticides and industrial chemicals
  1. Ensure safe handling of foods, drugs and chemicals; and
  2. Ensure safe distribution of foods, drugs and chemicals



1a. Define a chemical

  1. List four (4) suitable and four (4) not suitable for use
  2. State five (5) needs for monitoring and control of chemicals



  1. State the qualities of chemicals suitable for use
  2. List four quantities of chemicals not suitable for use
  3. What is a chemical?
  4. Which body is responsible for monitoring, regulating and control of importation, exportation, manufactureetc of foods, drugs and chemicals in Nigeria?
  5. Why should less knowledgeable people not work with or get near to chemicals?



  1. _________ regulates, monitors and controls the use of chemicals in Nigeria A. SON B. NBC C. FESTAC NAFDAC
  2. If a chemical is toxic, flammable, corrosive and irritant then it is ________ A. suitable for use B. Not

suitable for use           C. Costly          D. exportable

  1. If a chemical is non-radioactive then it is A. harmful harmless     C. imported     D. exported
  2. Toxic chemicals are A. harmful to man and his environment suitable for increasing food

production       C. suitable for fish farming     D. suitable for food preservation.

  1. One of these is not a reason  for monitoring and control of chemicals, to A. ensure that handlers of

chemicals are kitted with safety gadgets       B. ensure that chemicals are not sold in residential areas

  1. ensure that people are evacuated from harmless chemical D. ensure non-diversion of chemicals for illicit usage


Section B

  1. List six (6) measures taken to ensure proper monitoring and control of chemicals
  2. List four (4) chemicals that are suitable for use and four that are not suitable for use.


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