What is cooking?

– Cooking is a process of preparing food by applying heat.

– Discuss reasons for cooking food.

– Identify different methods of cooking.

– State general rules for different methods of cooking.

Why do we cook food?

–  To improve flavour or taste of food.

–  To improve appearance and make it more appealing.

–  To kill germs and parasites hence making it safe for human consumption.

–  To preserve it.

–  To make it tender/ soft, hence easy to chew, digest and absorb.


–  To improve the texture.

Factors that Determine Methods of Cooking

– Type of food to be cooked.

– Personal taste/ preference.

– Person being cooked for.

– Time available.

– Cooking equipment available.

– Number of people to be served.

– Amount of money available.

There are two main categories of methods of cooking namely:

–  Those that use moist heat

–  Those that use dry heat

– Moist Methods

– Boiling

– Stewing

– steaming

– Frying

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