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What is cooking? Cooking is a process of preparing food by applying heat. Discuss reasons for cooking food. Identify different methods of cooking. State general rules for different methods of cooking.

Why do we cook food?

  1.   To improve flavour or taste of food.
  2.   To improve appearance and make it more appealing.
  3.   To kill germs and parasites hence making it safe for human consumption.
  4.   To preserve it.
  5.   To make it tender/ soft, hence easy to chew, digest and absorb.
  6.   To improve the texture.


Factors that Determine Methods of Cooking

  1.  Type of food to be cooked.
  2.  Personal taste/ preference.
  3.  Person being cooked for.
  4.  Time available.
  5.  Cooking equipment available.
  6.  Number of people to be served.
  7.  Amount of money available.


There are two main categories of methods of cooking namely:

  1.   Those that use moist heat
  2.   Those that use dry heat


Moist Methods

– Boiling

– Stewing

– steaming

– Frying


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