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Attempt 60 questions within 2 hours.


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The population of students in a school is 810. If this represented on a pie chart. Calculate the sectoral angle for a class of 72 students

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The cross-section of a prism is a right-angled triangle 3cm by 4cm by 5cm. The height of the prism is 8cm. calculate its volume

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Solve the simultaneous equations: x + y = 2 and 3x – 2y = 1

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If the volume of a cube is 343cm cube, find the length of its side

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Three men, Bedu, Bakre and Kofi shared N500 in the ratio 3:2:X respectively. If Bedu’s share is N150, find the value of x

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A cuboid of base 12.5cm by 20 cm holds exactly 1 litre of water. What is the height of the cuboid? (1 liter = 1000cm3)

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If 30% of y is equal to x, what, in terms of x is 30% of 3y?

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The sides of two cubes are in the ratio 2:5. What is the ratio of their volumes?

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A chord is 5cm from the centre of a circle of diameter 26cm. Find the length of the chord

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Which of the following statements describes the locus of a point R which moves in a plane such that it is a point R which moves in a plane such that it is equidistant from two intersecting lines?

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If x% of 240 equals 12, find x:

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The probabilities that John and James pass an examination are ¾ and 3/5 respectively. Find the probability of both boys failing the examination

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Calculate. Correct to 2 significant figures, the length of arc of a circle of radius 3.5cm which subtends an angle of 75 degree at the centre of the circle (Take Pi = 22/7)

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The monthly salary of a man increased from N2, 700 to N3, 200. Find the percentage increase

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Given that Y = PX + Q and Y=5 when X=3, while Y=4 when X=2, find the values of P and Q.

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A boy contains 3 red and 2 white identical balls. If 2 balls are picked at random from the bag, one after the other and with replacement, find the probability that they are of different colours

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The area of a sector of a sector of a circle with diameter 12cm is 66 cm square. If the sector is folded to form a cone, calculate the radius of the base of the cone. (Take Pi = 22/7)

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Two solid spheres have volumes 250cm3 and 128cm3 respectively. Find the ratio of their radii

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Ladi sold a car for N84, 000 at a loss of 4%. How much did Ladi buy the car?

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Two circles has radii 16cm and 23cm. What is the difference between their circumferences? (Take Pi=22/7)

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Two sides of a triangle are perpendicular. If the two sides are 8cm and 6cm. calculate correct to the nearest degree, the smallest angle of the triangle

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A man is four times as old as his son. The difference between their ages is 36 years. Find the sum of their ages

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An arc of a circle of radius 14cm subtends angle 300o at the centre. Find the perimeter of the sector formed by the arc (Take Pi=22/7)

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P is a point on the same plane with a fixed point A. If P moves such that it is always equidistant from A, the locus of P is

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A fair die is tossed once. What is the probability of obtaining neither 5 nor 2?

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Three quarters of a number added to two and a half of that number gives 13. Find the missing number.

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What is the height 10cm and diameter 7cm? (Take Pi = 22/7)

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A point on the ground is 5m away from the foot of a vertical wall 7m high. Calculate, correct to the nearest degree, the angle of depression of the point from the top of the wall

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A man made a loss of 15% by selling an article for N595. Find the cost price of the article

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A train moving at a uniform speed covers 36km in 21 minutes. How long does it take to cover 60km?

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Ekaette spent ¼ of his money on food, 1/3 on clothing and saved the rest. If he saved N72, 000.00. How much did he spend on food?

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The length of the two parallel sides of trapezium are 6cm and 10cm and the perpendicular distance between them is 5cm. Find the area of the trapezium

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From a point P, R is 5km due west and 12km due south. Find the distance between P and R.

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A school girl spends ¼ of her pocket money on books and 1/3 on dress. What fraction remains?

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The salary of a man was increased in the ratio 40:47. Calculate the percentage increase in the salary

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The angle of elevation of an aircraft from a point K on the horizontal ground is 30 degree. If the aircraft is 800m above the ground, how far is it from K?

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A ladder, 6cm long, leans against a vertical wall at an angel 53 degree to the horizontal. How high up the wall does the ladder reach?

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A regular polygon has 9 sides. What is the size of one of its exterior angles?

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If two triangles are similar, which of the following is true? Their

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A rectangular carpet 2.5m long and 2.4m wide covers 5% of a rectangle floor. Calculate the area of the floor.

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A seller allows 20% discount for cash payment on the marked price of his goods. What is the ratio of the cash payment to the marked price?

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Given that p varies as the square of p and q varies inversely as the square root of r. how does p vary with r?

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If the 2nd and 5th terms of a G.P are 6 and 48 respectively, find the sum of the first four terms

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Out of 60 members of an association, 15 are doctors and 9 are lawyers. If a member is selected at random from the association, what is the probability that the member is neither doctor nor a lawyer?

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A student bought 3 notebooks and 1 pen for N35. After misplacing these items. She again bought 2 notebooks and 2 pens, all of the same type for N30. What is the cost of a pen?

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A pyramid of volume 120cm cube has a rectangular base which measures 5cm by 6cm. calculate the height of the pyramid

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The probabilities of a boy passing English and Mathematics test are x and y respectively. Find the probability of the boy failing both tests

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A machine valued at N20, 000 depreciates by 10% every year. What will be the value of the machine at the end of two years?

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If the ratio x:y = 3:5 and y:z = 4:7, find the ratio x:y:z

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A fair coin is tossed three times. Find the probability of getting two heads and one tail.

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The volume of a cylinder is 1200 cm cube and the area of its base is 150cm cube. Find the height of the cylinder

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Q is 25km from P on a bearing 042 degrees and R is 25km from P on a bearing of 132 degrees. Calculate the bearing of R from Q

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A chord of length 6cm is drawn in a circle of radius 5 cm. Find the distance of the chord from the centre of the circle.

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The interior angle of a regular polygon is twice the exterior angle. How many sides have the polygon?

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If tan y = 0.404, where y is acute, find cos 2y

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A chord of a circle of radius 26cm is 10cm from the centre of the circle. Calculate the length of the chord

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A messenger was paid N2.50 an hour during the normal working hours and N4.00 an hour during overtime. If he received N31.00 for 10 hours work, how many hours are for overtime?

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If the simple interest on a sum of money invested at 3% per annum for 2 ½ years is N123, find the principal

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N140, 000 is shared between Abu, Kayode and Uche. Abu has twice as much as Kayode, and Kayode has twice as much as Uche. What is Kayode’s share?

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Which of the following figures have one line of symmetry only? (I) Isosceles triangle (II) Rhombus (III) Kite

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