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L’orale Comprehension Ma mere

This is my mother, her name is Madame Obioma Okafor’She is Ibo. She comes from Nimo in Anambra State. My mother lives in imo with my father and us, their children. She is fifty years old.

My mother is fair-skinned. Like my father, she is tall. Her hair is black and long.


She has a round face and a pointed nose. His eyes are small, and his teeth are white.


My mother is very beautiful. She is a businesswoman. She has a big store in the market. It also has a super market in front of the house. My mother likes to braid her hair. She always wears nice clothes.


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She wears a scarf sometimes.

I like my mother because she cooks well for the family.



  1. What is my mother’s name?
  2. How old is she ?
  3. Does she still wear ___________?
  4. Why do I love my mother?
  5. She lives where
  6. What state is she from?
  7. What is my mother’s profession?

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