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L’oral : recapitaul sons

  • Les consonnes
  • Les voyelles
  • La pratique sur les sons


Les alphabets phonetique international

(b) as in :  obn, bonbon, bonjour, bonsoir, bonne nuil, bontique, beau, boulanger, boucher e.t.c.

(d) as in : lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi, djea, dindon, diner, regarder, demander, diplomatique, dnaser, dormoir, des devant, dermier, demain e.t.c.

(f) as in :  famille, photo, fille, film, feu, fer, fume, faux, finir, futus,  frere, fete, froid

(g) as in garcon, grand, gris, grand-mere, gouter gauche, grotte, langue, galarery, legume, e.t.c

(k) as in kilo, que, quoi, queue, quel, quelle, quelqu’un, car, qui, echo.


Des consones francais.

(L) as in le, sol, londre’s, lais

(m) as in mot, femme, fume, mur

(    ) as in Agnes, agneau

(n) as in Nigeria, une

(    ) as in piegne, camping

(p) as in pere, soupe

(r) as in soleit, ce, lecon, classe

(s) as in schema, chat, shceme

(t) as in table, tu, the, patte

(v) as in vin, vous, reve

(z) as in zero, maison, zebra, deuxieme, troisieme, macon

( Ȝ ) as in je, manger, georges.


Les voyelle orales simple.






Les voyelles orales composes.

(y) pronouced between u and i

( Ø ) pronounced between o and e as in bleu, heureux, pai, bureau

(oe) pronounced between o and e as peur, neuf, heure, directeur, professeur.


Les voyelles nasals

(Ē) as in : vin, fin, finir, mince, prince, matin

( ă ) as in tante, sans, vent

( ŏ ) as in bon, bonjour, rond, oncle, ombre

(ŏḕ) as in lundi, brun, un, humble

Semi – voyelles/semi consonnes

(w) as in oui, oiseau, nouer

(u) as in lui, louis, huile

(j) as in pied, viande, yeux, hier, famille, soleil.



The following groups of words schould be practised frequently to familiarise oneself both with the sounds and with their various spellings.


(i)                                                          (y)                                                        (u)

Il dit                                                      du                                                        ou, ou

Il lit                                                       tu                                                         doux, d’où

Ici                                                         la plume                                               le loup

Fin                                                        le mur                                                  le coup

Fini                                                       il fut                                                    le trou

Qui                                                        la rue                                                   le genou




(e)                                                         (ε)

ne, le nez                                               père, paire

j’ai                                                         guere

mai, mes                                                faire, fer

alle, aller                                               rien, reine

passe, passer                                         mets, mais

frappe, frapper                                      merci


[o]                                                         [Ↄ]

le mot                                                    notre

au, aux                                                  la robe

aussi                                                      la notre

chaud                                                    la porte

le notre                                                  le soldat


[Ŏ] [Ↄ]

Bon, son, non

Le coton

Le platfond

Ils ont

Ils sont

On oncle


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