1) Courage and bravery.

David was courageous and brave. Modern leaders should be ready to die with and for their subjects.

2) Gratitude

Thankful and grateful. David always thanked God for any success or favors he received.

Good leaders should be thankful and grateful to God as well as to their fellow human beings.

3) Loyalty.

David was loyal to God and to the Israelites. A good leader should be loyal, and never betray his people.

4) Justice.

David administered justice to all his subjects without favoring anyone. No tribalism or nepotism.

A leader should be fair to all (2 Samuel 8:15).

5) God – fearing

Having faith. David was God fearing. He expressed his total trust in God. Modern leaders need to emulate this quality.

6) Humility.

A leader should be a humble person. Though David had been appointed as the king, he continued to serve Saul until Saul died. He accepted his failures and asked for forgiveness.

7) Kind.

David was a kind leader. Leaders should be kind. David spared the life of Saul twice yet Saul wanted to kill him.


David was careful when choosing legal advisors to assist him in his rule. He was also wise.

He reduced tribal jealousies by choosing Jerusalem; a neutral spot for administrative purposes.

9) Delegation

– A shrewd administrator. A good elder should be able to delegate duties. David delegated duties.

He involved others in advising, and administering

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