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A diphthong is a sequence of two vowels.  This means that in order to produce a diphthong, the tongue moves or glides from the position of are simple vowel into the position of another vowel.  We  have eight (8) diphthongs:  /ei/, /Əu/, /iƏ/, /eƏ/, /ƌi/, /ƌv/, /Ɔi/ and /uƏ/.  The following are the various examples of words that have these speech sounds in them.

/ei/       /Əu/     /iƏ/      /eƏ/     /ƌi/       /ƌv/      /Ɔi/      /uƏ/

Stay     told      ears      where  hiding  cows    voice    sure

Away  logo     feared  chair    knife    found  boy      poor

Rain     know   theatre bears    died     bout     spoilt   pure

Late     coat     cheers  wear    buy      around joyce    tour

Today  close    hero     fare      five      mouth  choice  cure



From your NOSEC, flip over to page 82-83 and practice the various sentences using these speed sounds



Use the following words in sentences

(i)  today         (ii) chose         (iii)  hero         (iv)  fare          (v)  five           (vi)       mouth

(vii)  choice     (viii) cure.

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