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Letter to a friend about your school Inter – house Sport.

7, Adesanya Street,

Ile – Epo,

Oke – Odo,


13th May, 2015.

Dear Ade,

It is a pleasure writing to you at this time. How are you and your studies? Hope all is well over there in Abuja? Bola called and suggested that we should all meet during this coming festive period.

The purpose of writing is to inform you about my school recent inter-house sport which came up on 12th April, 2015 at Oke – Odo school field. It was coloured and eventful.

At exactly 10:00am, we all matched to the field accompanied by two big horses and the “Bridgade boys” with their steady inviting musical instrument which attracts the attention of the passers-by.

The programme commenced immediately with prayer, recitation of national anthem and the school anthem, followed by colourful match pass by different houses with different displays to attract winning in the end.

In addition, students from different house’s run such as: relay race, 200m race, 1,200k race, high jump, throwing of javelin etc.

There are companies who sponsored the programme such as: Milo, Indomie Noodles, Sky bank plc, Mtn, Nestle Castle etc. There are other activities that time will not permits me to explain all.

In all, yellow house came first followed by Red house, then green and finally blue. As I have said earlier on, it was a great fun and very eventful. I believe you will like to witness the next one. Till the festive time, remain great.

Yours sincerely,



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