At the end of the lesson, you should be able to:

  1. a) Define a temple
  2. b) State the importance of the temple to Israelites.

Definition of a temple

This is a building dedicated to the worship of God. Solomon built the temple as a fulfillment of the promises that God gave to David, that his son would build a house for him.

Importance and uses of a temple

1) It was a centre of worship. Prayers and sacrifices were offered to God from the temple.

2) It symbolized the presence of God among the Israelites.

3) The Ark of the Covenant was kept in the temple as a symbol of God’s presence among his people.

4) The temple acted as a symbol of unity in Israel. Every year all the Israelites had to go to Jerusalem to celebrate such feasts as the Passover, feast of tabernacles’ day of atonement. This led to the unity of the Israelites.

5) Dedication of children and purification were done in the temple.

6) It was a residence for the priest.

7) It was a business centre where people bought and sold animals needed for sacrifice.

The temple acted as a school to the scribes, rabbis and others who studied and interpreted the Mosaic Law.

9) The temple also acted as the judicial court of Israel. Judges worked from the temple.

10) It is where religious ceremonies like naming and circumcision of baby boys took place.

11) It was a house of prayer.


  1. Explain the reasons against kingship in Israel 1 Sam 8: 10-20
  2. Explain the importance of David as king of Israel
  3. How did Jesus fulfill the prophecies of Prophet Nathan as a descendant of David? (I.e. areas where Jesus is mentioned as coming from David)
  4. What are the failures of King Solomon?
  5. Which leadership qualities can modern leaders learn from David?

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