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Table tennis equipment consist of;

  1. Table tennis bat
  2. Table tennis Ball
  3. Table tennis Net
  4. Table tennis board
  5. The playing court
  6. Socks and canvas
  7. The towels
  8. The net supports
  9. The Sports wear



  1. The choice of playing position at the table and order of service are determined by the toss of a coin.
  2. The change of service takes place after 5 points have been scored
  3. A games is won by the player who first scores 21 points with a 2 points margin
  4. A match consists of the best two or three games
  5. Deceptive movements and distractions are not allowed
  6. Service change at the counts of two points
  7. Each server has one chance to make a good service
  8. The ball must bounce once before it is returned.



The major officials in table tennis are

  1. The referee
  2. The umpire
  3. The assistant umpire
  4. The recorder



  1. Takes charge of the other officials
  2. Takes the final decision during the game
  3. Ensures that the game is played according to its rules and regulations



  1. Start the game by administering a toss
  2. Announces point by point the scores of the players during the game
  3. Declares the winner or loser
  4. Awards penalties to faulty players


Assistant umpire

  1. Counts points scored by each player
  2. Inform the umpire of irregularities during the game
  3. Also time the duration of the practice period
  4. The recorder
  5. Shall record all the scores
  6. Also display the scores



  1. Give the equipment in table tennis
  2. State two rules of table tennis
  3. Mention the officials in table tennis



State one duty of each of the officials in table tennis

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