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A demonstrative pronoun is used to single or point out one or more persons or things referred to in the sentence.

These pronouns are this, that, these, and those.

This and these point to persons or things that are near.

Examples: This is a gazelle.

These are the students of ABC Secondary School.

That and those point to persons or things that are farther away.

Examples: That is the city square.

Those are the lodging rooms.

This and that are used with singular nouns.

These and those are used with plural nouns.

Exercise 9 Pick the correct demonstrate pronouns from the choices given in the brackets in the following sentences.

  1. (This, That) is the canteen we are entering now.
  2. (This, That) is the dispensary across the street 3. (These, Those) are beautiful flowers on the counter over there.
  3. Are (those, these) chocolate bars on the far counter?
  4. I think (these, those) are called vuvuzelas.

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