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Computer (Primary Classes)

The monitor shows on its screen what is typed into the computer. It also shows what is stored in the computer when needed. The monitor looks like a television set. It is also called the visual display unit (VDU).

There are two types of monitor:

  1. The monochrome monitor: A monochrome monitor shows black and white colours only.
  2. The colour monitor: A colour monitor shows more than two colours.
  3. It shows many colours. It shows all the colours of the rainbow.


Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic “Parts of a computer- monitor ”

Step III: Teacher explains the function of a computer monitor

Step IV: Teacher states the types of a computer monitor

Step V: Teacher explains the uses of a computer monitor

Step VI: Pupils contribute and ask questions


  1. What are the differences between a monochrome monitor and a colour monitor?


  1. There are two types of computer monitor, mention them?
  2. State one function of a computer monitor


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