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Civic Education

The civil service commission is an independent body set up by the government to recruit people into the civil service.  The commission is charged with the responsibility of promotion, discipline and dismissal of civil servants.

The civil service commission is made up of members holding offices based on good behavior and criteria set up by the government and it has a chairman.

 Functions of the Civil Service Commission

  1. Recruitment: It is empowered to recruit people into the civil service through open competition and interview.
  1. Promotion: It is empowered to promote civil servants from one salary scale to another.
  2. Discipline: The commission also disciplines civil servants who disobey the rules and regulations of the civil service.
  3. Transfer: It transfers civil servants from one ministry to another
  4. Dismissal: It has the power to dismiss any civil servant who is found wanting in the discharge of his duties.
  5. Retirement: It is also charged with the responsibility of recommending civil servants who have reached the stipulated retirement age for retirement.
  1. Advice: It advices the government on areas of appointment of senior officers.
  2. Condition of service: The commission states down terms and conditions of service, allowances and remunerations of civil servants.



  1. The civil service commission is set up by?
  2. Explain three responsibilities of the civil service commission.



  1. What is Civil Service Commission?
  2. Explain the functions of civil service commission.
  3. The civil service commission is usually headed by?
  4. Explain capitalist democracy.
  5. Mention five features of democracy.



Read on Civil Service Commission in Fundamentals of Civic Education for Senior Secondary School by Sola Akinyemi.



  1. The Civil Service Commission is headed by a (a) chairman (b) councilor     (c) principal
  2. The body responsible for regulating the civil service is _______ (a) Civil Defence Commission (b) Civil Society Association (c) Civil Service Commission
  3. All are functions of civil service commission except (a) Dismissal    (b) transfer (c) embezzling
  4. The civil service commission is meant to recruit people into the civil service based on ____ (a) merit            (b) sentiment  (c) tribalism
  1. Nepotism is a problem facing the civil service commission. True/False



  1. State four problems facing the Civil Service Commission.
  2. Explain four ways of solving the problems.

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