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These are Civic Education Past Questions. 40 questions will be picked at random from the question bank.

You have 30 minutes to answer all the questions.

You can use the NEXT button to move to the next question, use the PREV button to move to the previous question, the CLEAR button to clear any answer of your choice and you have the FINISH button to end the exam if you choose to.

Any question not answered before the end of the exam time, will be marked as wrong and the exam will end by itself. so try to attempt all questions on time.


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The “right to vote and be voted for” can only be enjoyed by Nigerian citizens who attain the age of

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The organisation with the motives and goals of helping people is called

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Custom refers to __________

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When was the first HIV/AIDs case reported in Nigeria?

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The first executive president of Nigeria is/was

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Franchise means right to

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To prevent the spread of HIV/AIDs, people should be encouraged to

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The National Youths service Corps scheme was established in Nigeria in

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Government is the machinery established to manage the affairs of

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Democratic governance is usually characterized by

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The upper legislative chamber of the National Assembly of Nigeria is also known as the

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A representative of a commonwealth country in another member state is known as a/an

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The most effective approach towards the elimination of sexually transmitted diseases is by

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The following are values that promote interpersonal relationship, except

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The structure of the Nigeria legislature is – in nature

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The principle that public servants cannot be held responsible for their official actions denotes

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A situation where most citizen fail to vote in election could be describes as political

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When a group of people believe is and keep to certain norms, values and ways of the life of their community since its creation, we call this _____________

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Workers in the public corporations are known as

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During a particular voting exercise if majority of the people refuse to vote, this can be described as

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The implication of positive commaunal relationship is that it

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The green colour in the traffic light indicates

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The responsibility of protecting past and present high ranking government officials falls on _________

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The president belongs to _________ arm of the government

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The nearest government to the people and an important means of promoting grassroots development is the

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One of the major barriers to national development is the

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The most popular means through which citizens of a country can participate in politics is by

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Citizenship status is acquired through

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In democracy, lack of press freedom leads to the denial of freedom of

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is based on the resolution of the

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One habit which people living with HIV/AIDs (PLWHAs) must avoid to remain healthy and productive is

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One major factor that attracts some Nigerians into human trafficking is

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Victims of human trafficking are usually compelled to engage in

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The armed forces and the police are part of the ________ organ of government

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The office responsible for announcing the result of an election is known as

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Which of the following is not a function of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)?

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Which of the following system of government advocates equitable distribution of wealth?

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The 219 chibok girls were _______ while _______

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