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One of the major barriers to national development is the

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A major benefit of youth empowerment is

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Democratic governance is usually characterized by

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Public complaints Commission in Nigeria is also known as

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The office responsible for announcing the result of an election is known as

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The organisation with the motives and goals of helping people is called

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The upper legislative chamber of the National Assembly of Nigeria is also known as the

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During a particular voting exercise if majority of the people refuse to vote, this can be described as

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Victims of human trafficking are usually compelled to engage in

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The nearest government to the people and an important means of promoting grassroots development is the

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In the civil service, cleaners, drivers and security belong to class

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Workers in the public corporations are known as

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How many senators are elected from each state in Nigeria?

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The most popular means through which citizens of a country can participate in politics is by

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A sense of right and wrong guiding s person’s action is known as

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One of the civic responsibilities of a citizen is to obey

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When was the first HIV/AIDs case reported in Nigeria?

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The National Youths service Corps scheme was established in Nigeria in

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One major factor that attracts some Nigerians into human trafficking is

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The armed forces and the police are part of the ________ organ of government

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The principle that public servants cannot be held responsible for their official actions denotes

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The 219 chibok girls were _______ while _______

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Franchise means right to

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Custom refers to __________

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Which of the following is not necessary for public servants to perform effectively?

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A situation where most citizen fail to vote in election could be describes as political

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The responsibility of protecting past and present high ranking government officials falls on _________

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To prevent the spread of HIV/AIDs, people should be encouraged to

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The most effective approach towards the elimination of sexually transmitted diseases is by

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Which of the following is not a function of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)?

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The right of an individual to seek redress in a law court is categorized under

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___________ strengthens the sensitive mental and emotional bond between the parent and children

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When a constitution is difficult to amend, it is said to be

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One habit which people living with HIV/AIDs (PLWHAs) must avoid to remain healthy and productive is

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A representative of a commonwealth country in another member state is known as a/an

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Citizenship status is acquired through

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The “right to vote and be voted for” can only be enjoyed by Nigerian citizens who attain the age of

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The president belongs to _________ arm of the government

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Which of the following system of government advocates equitable distribution of wealth?

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One of the reasons most HIV/AIDs patients are reluctant to disclose their status is because of

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