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  • It is a leaf vegetable related to other brassica crops such as kales, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage and Brussels sprouts.
  • Cabbage leaves may be eaten raw in salads, steamed, boiled or cooked in a variety of ways.
  • The leaves can also be fed to livestock.

Ecological Requirements


  • Those with small heads: 900-15o0m above sea level
  • Those with Large heads: 1800-2700m above sea level.

Temperature: require cool condition.


  • 750-2000mm per annum.
  • Should be well distributed throughout the growing period.


  • Deep
  • Fertile
  • Well drained.



  • Brunswick,
  • Sugarloaf,
  • Earlyjersey,
  • Copenhagen market,
  • Chinese cabbage,
  • Celerycabbage,
  • Cafesplits kool
  • Gloria, mukuki,
  • Golden acre.

Late maturing:

  • Drumhead,
  • Savoy,
  • Perfection,

Nursery Practices

  • The beds should be raised, dimension 1 m wide and any convenient length (usually 2 3m in length).
  • Make drills of 15-20cm apart.
  • Sow seeds by drilling and cover to a depth of 1cm.
  • Provide shade or mulch material.
  • Apply phosphatic fertilizers and mix thoroughly with soil during planting.
  • Water twice a day.

Seedbed Preparation

  • Cultivation should be done during the dry season so that all the weeds are killed.
  • Dig holes at the spacing of 60cm x 60cm.
  • Incorporate farm yard manure in the soil.
  • Transplanting
  • Water the seedlings before uprooting.
  • Seedlings are ready for transplanting after one month that is when they are 10-15cm in height.
  • Select healthy and vigorous seedlings.
  • Transplant the seedlings with balls of soil to prevent root damage.
  • Plant to the same depth as they were in the nursery.

Field Maintenance

  • Apply fertilizers during planting and top dress later.
  • Control weeds to reduce competition.

Pest Control

Diamond Black Moth

  • Damage: Eats the underside of the leaf making windows or holes in the leaf.
  • Control: Spray recommended insecticides.


Damage: Attacks the stem at the ground level causing he plant to fall. > Control: Spray recommended insecticides.

Disease Control

Black Rot

  • Cause: Bacteria
  • Symptoms: Leaves turn yellow and rotting of the stem giving an offensive odour,
  • Control: Closed season, crop rotation, use certified seeds and spray appropriate chemicals.

Black Leg

  • Cause: Fungus
  • Symptoms: Brown to black spots on seedlings and dark canker on the stem.
  • Control: crop rotation, destroy infected materials.


  • Cabbages are ready for harvesting 3-4 months after transplanting.
  • The heads are cut when they are solid and compact.
  • Harvested cabbages are sold immediately.

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