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These are Agricultural Science Past Questions. 60 questions will be picked at random from the question bank.

You have 40 minutes to answer all the questions.

You can use the NEXT button to move to the next question, use the PREV button to move
to the previous question, the CLEAR button to clear any answer of your choice and you have the FINISH button to
end the exam if you choose to.

Any question not answered before the end of the exam time, will be marked as wrong
and the exam will end by itself. so try to attempt all questions on time.


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Lubrication is the process of ________

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The farm tool used to gather rubbish and leveling of soil surface is called

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Beverage is a product from __________

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Pregnancy in farm animals is _________

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Soil that contains a proportionate quantity of sand, silt and clay is known as ________

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_____________ is a special type of feed served farm animals over a period of time

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Which one of the following cropping systems discourage widespread of pests and disease?

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Rumen, reticulum, Omasun and abomasum are the parts of stomach of a ____________

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Which of the following sourced of farm power cannot be affective by used for processing agricultural products?

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Crops produced essentially for animal consumption are called ___________ crops

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Which of the following livestock diseases is NOT related to poultry?

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The earliest man lived by __________

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An example of a cartilaginous fish is ___________

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Which of the following is NOT a system of livestock management?

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Crops which complete their cycle within two years are called __________ crops

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Subsistence farming includes the following EXCEPT ________

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Which of the following is NOT a disease causing agent in animals?

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Which of the following is a raw material for the textile industry?

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In the layout of farm stead, the nursery area must be close to _____

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When buying and selling of agricultural produce take place for contact bargain, this type of market is ____________

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_________ is NOT an example of farm implements

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Pastoral farming is a system in which only __________

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Which of the following crops is not correctly grouped with its industrial products?

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The main sources of power for subsistence agriculture is

26 / 60

_________ is defined as a large area of land covered with tree and bushes

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_________ and ________ are the types of agriculture

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The method by which farmers are educated on modern techniques on farming is called __________

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One of the following is a parasite that lives inside the body of farm animals

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A seed that has been lying in the ground without germinating is said to be __________

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Which of the following is NOT an importance of agriculture?

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In farm animal production, wearing can be described as __________

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The branch of agriculture that deals with the study, prevention and control of pests and diseases of livestock __________________

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Horticulture deals with growing of ____________

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A disease vector means

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The following are branches of agriculture EXCEPT __________

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The following sources of farm power can be effectively used for processing agricultural product EXCEPT __________

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Ammonium nitrate supplies _________ to the soil.

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The act of removing young animal from feeding on milk is known as _____________

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Reproductive parts of plant is ________

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Soap making industry uses the following agricultural raw material EXCEPT __________

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The process by which green plants manufacture their food is known as __________

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The care and management of honey bees to produce honey and bees wax is ________

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Which of the following farming practices destroys organic matter content of the soil?

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Weathering involves the breaking down of __________ into smaller units

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The vertical section through the soil to the underlying solid rock is called __________

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Which of the following farming systems is most suitable in a school farm where there is no enough land for agriculture?

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Which of the following is a biting and chewing insect pest?

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The following practices are necessary for transplanting seedling EXCEPT ___________

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Which of the following is responsible for the decomposition of organic matter?

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The botanical name for maize is _________

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The production and maintenance of economic trees is known as ___________

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__________ is animal that carries disease organisms but without suffering from the disease.

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Which of the following is not a way of maintaining soil fertity?

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After pollination, ovules developed to form ___________

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During pollination, pollen grains are carried from the anthers to the ______________

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It has large pore spaces well drained and aerated. It has poor water holding capacity. All these are the characteristics of _________ soil

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The following are features of a dicotyledonous plant EXCEPT _______

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A drop of iodine to the surface of a piece of yam turns it _________

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Agric Past Questions



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