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Vocabulary: Astronomy

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Vocabulary: Astronomy 

The lexis and structures on the vocabulary of astronomy. Some of the words used include universe, orbits, planets, eclipse, cosmonaut, satellite, galaxies, etc.

Astronomy: the Scientific study of the universe, especially of the motions, positions, sizes, composition, and behaviour of astronomical objects.

Universe: the totality of all matter and energy that exists in the vastness of space, whether known to human beings or not.

Planet: an astronomical object that orbits a star and does not shine with its own light, especially one of those orbiting the sun in the solar system.

Stars: an astronomical object usually visible as a small bright point of light in the sky.

Orbit: a single revolution an astronomical object around a larger astronomical object.

Cosmonaut: an astronaut in the space programmes of Russia and the formal Soviet Union. 

Galaxies: a group of billions of stars and their planets, gas and dust that extends over many thousands of light-years and forms a unit within the universe. 

Eclipse: the partial or complete hiding from view of an astronomical object, e.g. the Sun or Moon, when another astronomical object comes between it and the observer. 

Astronaut: someone trained to travel and perform tasks in space. 

Gravity: the attraction due to gravitation that the Earth or another astronomical object exerts on an object on or near its surface.


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