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Today we welcome you to School Portal Nigeria (schoolportalng) and hoping you will enjoy your stay at School Portal NG. We are working day and night to bring to you the most interesting and best E- Learning and School Learning Management System. A place where all learners can learn something very useful for free from teachers, tutors, instructors, professionals and masters of their subjects and fields and are willing to give their knowledge for free to help the younger generations develop better.

School Portal NG is developed because we do not have a place where students and learners can get access to all their subjects/course in one place and get them for free too. As a result to solve our students’ problem of getting adequate quality contents for their examinations, knowledge, information, training and awareness, we developed a platform where every professionals of their field or subject can contribute their own part to the development of a child for free.

We do not charge any money to learn from here as other people do on their websites and we do not give money to any professional, teacher, tutor or master of their subject to post or submit useful subject topics or contents or tips or materials for the benefit of mankind. Every contributor here is doing everything for free and so students and learners should appreciate them by reading and learning more from the contents found here.

We believe all knowledge belongs to God, whether it is gain from educational sector or one discovers those knowledge themselves or acquires them through one form of training or the other or gain knowledge through personal or collective experience. All knowledge is from God and it is freely given to us by Him.

School Portal Nigeria will partner with Yaba College of Technology Secondary School, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria to bring to us a very reliable and high quality lesson notes, subjects’ contents and experience to this e- learning portal. Yaba College of Technology Secondary School has been leading in the National Examinations for over 20 years and their overall subjects’ success rate has always been between 95% to 98% and some subjects have always recorded 100% success rate, fail and pass is not counted among the success rate. Meaning that all the students offering those subjects got Excellent (As and Bs) and Credits (Cs) in their National Examinations (both WASSCE and NECO) and they perform excellently very well in International Examinations which have made them gain scholarships to study in different universities in United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada and in other advanced countries. Some of their past students came out with first class in Nigerian Universities and some are currently leading in their various universities.

Base on their reputable standard, characters and excellent methods of teaching and contents delivery. School Portal Nigeria has decided to work closely with the school to gain their support to the development of people across the globe.

We want to thank other teachers that believe we can make the world a better place for all to live and gain knowledge. We say a big thank you all.

Who can contribute to our platform? Anyone that has useful knowledge on anything to deliver . It can range from educational subjects, articles, tips, story, how-to tutorial and other kinds of information.

To publish your contents on School Portal Nigeria. Kindly use the contact form at contact us page, fill the form, submit your content on the contact form body then click the send button. You can kindly send it to esoconsultingng@gmail.com or admin@schoolportalng.com and we will publish it for you as soon as we receive it.

If you want to blog directly on your own. Please kindly register by clicking the Join Us button and after registration, you will be taken to your profile page. Under your profile page, you can enter a new post, update your profile photo and cover page, add friends and edit your profile information.


If you appreciate our work and want to support us so that we can keep this platform free and active. Kindly send us a mail.


Thank you

Samuel Okeke

CEO and Founder of School Portal Nigeria


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