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Honesty means the quality of being truthful, honest and treating people fairly and sincerely

The attributes of honestly

  1. The act of saying the truth and not telling lies or being biased.
  2. Respecting oneself and performing one’s job according to laid down rules.
  3. Being reliable and dependable
  4. Being obedient and faithful
  5. Hard work and commitment to one’s work.
  6. Being open, friendly and frank with people without any selfish interest.


Benefits of Honestly

  1. Honest people easily get favour or assistance from other people
  2. They are often given position of responsibility since they are truthful.
  3. They are often recognized and protected from attacks of evil people.
  4. A honest person gets peoples patronage as they know he would treat them fairly and sincerely.


Consequences of Dishonestly

  1. Dishonestly attracts distrust. People withdraw from dishonest people and this affects societal progress and development.
  2. A dishonest person would not be respected by other people. He would be associated with things that are evil.
  3. Dishonesty can lead to cheating, malpractices and the act of committing (criminal act) crimes or offences such as stealing, robbery, fraud and so on.
  4. Dishonesty can cause disharmony in the society as justice would be denied
  5. Dishonesty can lead to corruption and bribery which affects the social development of the people.



  • Define honesty
  • State the qualities of honesty
  • What are the benefits of honesty in our society
  • Mention the consequences of dishonesty in our society


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