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The rights of Nigerian citizens are classified into three basic categories : namely

  1. Civic (individual) rights
  2. Economic rights
  3. Political rights

Civic Rights

These are the human rights that every person enjoys as residents of the country. They are create an protected by the state for its citizens. These rights enable the citizens to live decent, comfortable lives and enhance their relationship as citizens of the community.

Civic rights include:

  1. Right to life
  2. Right to liberty
  3. Right to privacy and family life
  4. Right to dignity of human person
  5. Right to fair hearing and judgment


Economic Rights

They are rights of citizens to be engaged in a profitable means of livelihood. These economic rights include:

  1. Right to adequate standard of living
  2. Right to free choice of employment without discrimination
  3. Right to protection against unemployment
  4. Right to join and form trade unions
  5. Right to free elementary education and health care


Political Rights

These rights specify the natural justice of fairness in law. They include:

  1. Right of the accused ; which are:
    1. Right to fair trial
    2. Right to due process
    3. Right to seek re-dress or legal remedy

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