Traditional African view of creation is brought out through traditional stories of creation (Myths).

The Agikuyu, Akamba, Gusii and other Kenyan communities have stories explaining their origin.

These stories give each community a sense of belonging, and identity.

The stories explain the mysteries of life.

These stories have common characteristics or teachings.

Thus all African communities believe that God: –

(i) Is the chief architect of the world

(ii) Existed from the very beginning of time.

(iii) Created everything out of nothing.

(iv) Provides for the needs of human beings.

(v) Was disobeyed by human beings who had lived in eternal bliss.

This bliss came to an end when human beings disobeyed God.

(vi) The African communities had different names to describe God.

God was not known as God but as the Creator of everything that existed on earth and skies.

He was Mumbi and “Mungai” to Gikuyu.

He was master of the universe.

The Kamba called Him …Ngai wa Matu.

They believed that God continues to create through human beings.

Examples of African creation stories

  1. The Kamba believed that God created man and woman then tossed them to the earth.
  2. The Bukusu say that God the creator (Were Khakaba) created the world alone.
  3. First God created heaven then created two assistants, Mukhaba and Murumwa.

Were the God made the sun, moon, stars, a big red cock which crows whenever it thunders, the rains, the rainbow, mountains, rivers, lakes, streams and all the other things on earth.

  1. Created a woman for the man.
  2. Created plants, animals, birds and other creatures.
  3. Creation work took six days. On the seventh day Were rested.


Ask your parents about your community creation story