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Government is defined as an agency that carries out the functions or business of the state. It is an institution through which the state or country is ruled. The organs of government include the legislative (law making); the executive (enforcement of law); and the judiciary (interpretation of law).

  1. The three tiers of government are: the federal, state and local governments. These tiers of government are known/identified with a federal system of government. Their powers are determined by the constitution which spells out their powers and functions.
  2. They all get the financial allocations (fiscal allocation) from the national remove.
  3. The three tiers of government have legislative powers within their jurisdiction.
  4. The three tiers of government have their own areas of control as empowered by the constitution.


The federal government has its own areas of control (items to legislate upon so also the state and the local government.


The differences among the three tiers of government are in the following:

  1. They have different legislature powers – the central government performs functions stated in the exclusive list; both state and federal legislate on concurrent list while the state government (local government).
  2. They have different function based on their empowered by the constitution.
  3. The laws made by the federal and state legislative are called Acts of the parliament. The laws made by the local government legislature is called bye-laws.
  4. They are also regarded as the three levels of government.
  5. They have different headship. The headship of the federal government is the President, Governor at the state level while chairman at the local government.
  6. The local government is known as the government at the grass root where the rural people participate in their social and political activities.
  7. The age of recruitment/qualification for the part of President is 40 and above for the part of governor is 35 and above while that of local government chairmen is 25 years old.



  • Define government
  • List the three organs of government
  • List the three tiers of government

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