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The present continuous tense is used for an action that is going on now.  It is important to note that the action in question is still going on as at the time of reporting in ing.

Look at this table:

Subject                        Auxiliary verb             Main verb

I                       am                               Speaking         to you

You                 are                               reading                        this

She                  is          not                   staying             in

We                   are       not                   playing

Is                     Lanre                           Watching

I                       am                               eating


EVALUATION:  Choose the correct answers from the brackets.

  1. Lanre is clearly (winning, wining, wins) the race
  2. The sick is (lieing, laying, lying) on the bed
  3. The man is (rideing, ridding, riding) a horse
  4. The moon is (shinning, shining, shineing) this night



Construct 10 (ten) sentences using the present continuous tense.

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