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Boarding life is undoubtedly an interesting experience a child will love to have. How true is that? It is very true to a reasonable extent because as a boarder you will explore a lot of things in a different world, I mean away from your home.
Who is a boarder? A boarder is a student who lives at school during term time.

In a jiffy, let’s brush through the life of a boarder and what a prospecting boarder should expect.

You know that excitement you get after passing your entrance examination and your parents tell you “Tola, get prepared, you will resume on September 8” sure, you are happy……….. ain’t you? But, I tell you when you get to the gate of the school and you are about to part with your parents………… tears will roll down your cheeks, you and your parents, though not all children cry. Why the tears? Oh! It’s like something is snatching you away from your loved ones. That’s just the beginning of the adventurous life.


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Meeting new people and making new friends is the first challenge. Don’t worry the solution is in your hands as it happens naturally. Just be careful you don’t make bad friends.

Sense of belongings and sense of value is another challenge, but you know what, you will learn from this after a lot of painful and bitter experiences. Most young boarders [freshers] lose 70% of their personal belongings. When you wash and dry your clothes, swiftly they disappear. You get to the bathroom to have your bath, when you start washing your face with soap, your bucket of water disappears. You remove your slippers and climb on the bed to lie down, before you close your eyes, your slippers are gone. So many endless things happen.


Personal hygiene is not left out, you are solely responsible for your own upkeep. If I must be sincere, then I will tell you that you will be a bit dirty. You have yourself to take care of and another contending environment chore to deal with in a circle of some fearful looking seniors who are there to force you down the trip.

What about your academic performance [parents major focus]! You’ve been a self-worthy first position of all times in your primary school. I’m sorry, because things might change. You will meet many intelligent students to drag the baton with. Different caliber of teachers [some friendly others harsh] to take you through the journey of different additional subjects. My dear, it’s not easy.

All that, I have mentioned is not to discourage you but to prepare you ahead of time and make you strong for the journey of six years.


So parents allow you child(ren) to start from home. Let them:

Bath and brush their selves.

Wash plates and sweep the compound.

Wash their clothes, dry and iron them and store them.

Go on errands.

Read, study and do their assignments independently….inter alia.

A boarder lives an independent life, face challenges and proffer solutions. If your child is adequately equipped at home, then I assure you that he will do well in a boarding school. Don’t let anybody discourage you from taking your child to a boarding school. At first you might want to be discouraged but later you will be glad about the choice you made.

I was a boarder and I’m doing very fine today. If I can go through boarding experience in my alma mata [COMMAND SECONDARY SCHOOL], then your child can also go through and succeed.

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