Technology is a term used to describe methods, means, materials and devices developed to solve human challenges/problem.

(1) Stone Age: The early men first made farming tools, which are used for production of crop/food or hunting animals. The Stone Age is a period which was characterized by the use of stone for tools making.

Tools Associated with Stone Age

(a) Hammer stones: Used for battering surfaces

(b) Stone core: To show a series of flake scars along one or more edges.

(c) Sharp Stone Flakes: used for cutting edges.

(d) Stone Scrapers: These are useful in preparing hide, wood and other material

  1. Iron Age: This Iron Age began with discovery and development of higher temperature non smiting techniques.

Tools Associated with Iron Age  

  • Hoes (b) Cutlass (c) Iron Weapons (d) Hammer (e) Neck Armor-made with Iron.
  1. Middle Age: Middle age period is also known as the medieval era, western society and education were heavily shaped by Christianity. During this era, people were forced to rely on the resources they had at hand to create tools to help them in farming, building, clothing and other daily tasks.

Tools Associated with Middle Age

(a) Building tools: (i) Tread wheel crane (ii) Chisel (iii) Hammer (iv) Trowel etc.

(b) Farming Tools: (i) Plough (ii) Pitch folk (iii) Sickle etc.

(c) Clothing Tools: (i) Cloth Shears (ii) The spindle etc

(d) Academic Tool: (i) Feature pen (ii) ink (iii) Wall board and chalk.

(4) Industrial Age: The industrial age was the period of industrial revolution which brought about changes and extensive mechanization of production system.

Changes Associated with Industrial Age

  • Shift from home-based manufacturing to large scale machine manufacturing
  • Mass production, improved transportation and technological progress.
  • Production of new machinery involving or using new techniques.
  • The use of new process
  • Development of rail transportation system
  • Invention of telegraph for effective communication
  • The use of iron and steel, new energy sources and invention of new machines.
  1. Electronic (Computer) Age: The electronic age is also known as the information age which relies on the use of computer technology and electronic device satellite information systems and the internet connect the world digitally.

Tool Associated With Electronic (Computer or Information) Age

(a) Mobile phone (b) Video camera (c) Digital camera (d) Television (e) Radio (f) Internet tools (g) E-mail (h) Electronic printer



Explain the term “technology”.

Mention the technology of different information age

Mention the Tools associated with Stone Age, electronic age.



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