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The level of technology in a society determines whether the society is developed or underdeveloped.

Some of the technology that determine the level of development of a society are:

  1. Good road network for easy mobility
  2. Constant power supply to residential and industrial premises.
  3. Constant supply of drinkable water.
  4. The level of production which determines whether the society depends on facilities for recreation and relaxation.



  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Electrical/electronic engineering
  3. Civil engineering
  4. Building technology
  5. Production technology
  6. Automobile technology
  7. Computer technology
  8. Mining engineering
  9. Petroleum engineering
  10. Aeronautical engineering
  11. Agriculture engineering


Technology is aimed at solving human problems, so, everybody is expected to study and use different products of technology.


Technology and Society

Technology has made modern society possible and has brought a lot of improvement to our life and immediately environment

Technology has affected the society in the following ways:

  1. The use of modern health care facilities
  2. Decent accommodation with good kitchen and toilet facilities
  3. The use of fast and comfortable means of transportation
  4. Good road network with traffic lights and drainage system.
  5. It has enhanced the use of communication gadgets making the world a global village.
  6. It has improve the standard of living
  7. It is responsible for uninterrupted power supply system in developed countries.


  • State 10 technology related occupations/professions.


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