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We are in the 21st century, therefore, education should move in the upward positive trend, not reverse. Do you know that it is almost impossible for for a doctor to kill or paralyse the health system of his patients without the minority of the world knowing about it, but it is very possible for a teacher to kill a thousand people at a time and even extend it to many generation. What a malady!
It’s so disheartening when I walk up to have a question-like discussion with some students/pupils and I realized there is a damage, though not beyond repair. What a damage? If I ask you to guess, I’m sure you won’t get it right after 10 trials.

The damage is “teachers unjustifiably abbreviating words that shouldn’t be abbreviated”. The saddest part is that most of them won’t give the acronyms.

Abbreviations like CRK, IRK, CCA, ICT, RNV, PVS, S/S, BST, H/W, C/W and many others. Some children even think that the slant line between H and W or C and W is l. So they spell Home-work as Hlw and Class-work as Clw. This is disastrous to the educational system. Please teachers stop this act and do your work well. Learn, Relearn and Unlearn. Mostly applicable to primary and secondary schools (especially elementary classes) NEMO DAT QUOD NON HABET.

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