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Ways of measuring time



MEASUREMENT IN PHYSICS (CONT) Measurement of area and volume Concept & measurement of time and ways of measuring time.   MEASUREMENT OF VOLUME Volume of liquid objects is measured using instruments such as cylinder, burette, pipette, eureka can, etc. For regular solid objects, their volume could be determined using their mathematical formula. S/N Solid Object Formula for Volume 1. Cube 2. Cuboid 3. Cylinder 4. Cone 5. Sphere The S.I. unit of volume is metre cube .   MEASUREMENT OF AREA The area of a solid object could be determined using mathematical formulae after determining the two dimensions of the object. S/N Solid Object Formula for Area 1. Triangle 2. Rectangle 3. Square 4. Parallelogram 5. Trapezium The S.I. unit of volume is metre square .   WORKED EXAMPLES Find the volume of a cylinder of diameter 12cm and height 15cm. Solution: Now, 2.What is area of a triangular card… Read More »MEASUREMENT IN PHYSICS

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