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In some sentences, the verb is more than one word. It is in form of a phrase, which is called a verb phrase. A verb phrase consists of a main verb and one or more helping verbs. The main verb shows the action in the sentence. The helping verb works with the main verb. Helping verbs do not show action. Examples: Mark Francis has passed the examinations H.V. M.V. He will be admitted to a national school. H.V. H.V. M.V. His parents are happy with him. H.V. M.V.   See also ENGLISH LANGUAGE Astronomy PUNCTUATION Capitalization QUESTION TAGS

English Language


A linking verb links the subject of a sentence with a word or words that: (i) express (es) the subject’s state of being Example: She is here (expresses state of being) She seems ready (state of being) (ii) Describe (es) or rename (es) the subject. Examples: Anna is a nurse (a nurse, describes Anna) Joyce is cheerful (cheerful describes Joyce) The road is bumpy. A linking verb does not tell about an action. Read: DEMONSTRATIVE PRONOUNS INDEFINITE PRONOUNS   Common Linking Verbs Am look grow Are feel remain Is taste become Was smell sound Were seem Will be appear Read: CONTRACTIONS WITH PRONOUNS OBJECT PRONOUNS NB: Some verbs can be either linking verbs or action verbs.   Examples: The crowd looked at the mangled car – Action The driver of the car looked shocked – LINKING The chef smelled the food – Action The food smelled wonderful – Linking   Exercise… Read More »LINKING VERBS

English Language


A verb is a word that: (i) Expresses an action (ii) Expresses the state that something exists, or (iii) Links the subject with a word that describes or renames it. Hence, there are two kinds of verbs. These are action verbs and linking verbs.   Action Verbs Action verbs express actions. They show what the subject does or did. Most verbs are action verbs. Examples: Cats drink milk. The ball flew over the goal post. The farmer tills the land. Robert ran to the house. The action may be one that you can see. Example: They crowned their new King. The action may be one that you cannot see.   Example: She wanted recognition. Whether the action can be seen or not, an action verb says that something is happening, has happened, or will happen.   See also ENGLISH LANGUAGE Astronomy PUNCTUATION Capitalization QUESTION TAGS

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