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Utility Programs



TRANSLATOR These are programs used in converting programs written in other languages to machine language. They are also called language processors. The computer can only execute programs written in machine codes. These codes are tedious for programmers to write; hence they prefer other languages close to human. The translators are then required to change the programs written by the programmers (source codes) to machine language (object code)   Types of translators There are three types of translators. Assemblers Interpreters Compilers Assemblers: An assembler is a program that translates from assembly language into machine language. Assembly language involves mnemonic and short codes. It is a low level programming language. Examples of codes, used in assembly language are STO for store, ADD for addition and SUB for subtraction Interpreters: These are programs that convert high level language to machine codes without generating object codes. An interpreter analysis and executes each line of… Read More »UTILITY PROGRAMS AND TRANSLATORS

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