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Types of asexual reproduction



ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION What is Asexual reproduction? Asexual reproduction is the formation of offspring from a single parent. The offspring are identical to the parent.   Types of asexual reproduction. Binary fission in amoeba. Spore formation in Rhizopus. Budding in yeast.   Binary fission This involves the division of the parent organism into two daughter cells. The nucleus first divides into two and then the cytoplasm separates into two portions Binary fission also occurs in bacteria, Paramecium, Trypanosoma and Euglena.   Spore formation in Rhizopus Rhizopus is a saprophytic fungus which grows on various substrate such as bread, rotting fruits or other decaying organic matter. The vegetative body is called mycelium which has many branched threads called hyphae. Horizontal hyphae are called stolons. Vertical hyphae are called sporangiophore. The tips of sporangiophore become swollen to form sporangia, the spore bearing structure. Each sporangium contains many spores. As it matures and ripens,… Read More »ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION

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