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Transportation is a means by which raw materials, finished goods and people are moved from one place to another. IMPORTANCE OF TRASPORTATION IN COMMERCE Transportation helps to widen the market It encourages international trade It prevents wastage of perishable goods It helps to provide job opportunities It facilitates and quickening effective distribution of goods It influences the location of industry TYPES OF TRANSPORTATION Transport by land Transport by air Transport by water Transport by pipeline TRASPORT BY LAND – this is the movement of people and goods from one place to another either by road or railway. Transportation by land its divided into two: Transport by road – means carrying of goods and people from one place to another on road e.g motor vehicles. Trailer, buses, carts, bicycles etc. Advantages of Road transport It is flexible because it provides door to door services It can reach all parts of the… Read More »TRANSPORTATION

Social Studies (Primary Classes)


Transport or transportation is the movement of humans, animals and goods from one location to another. Transport in the older days Wooden rafts and boats (for river/lake/ ocean bodies). Carts with wheel dragged by domesticated animals like horses, buffaloes, bulls etc. Sledges in the snow covered areas driven by dogs. Camelback riding in desert areas. Horseback riding was most commonly used in the world for long distance (as well as route (travelling). Modern means of Transportation Roadways Transportation. Railways Transportation. Water Transportation. Air Transportation. Pipelines Transportation. Advantages of modern means of transportation It is economical mode for transporting heavy loads and even cargo. It is the safest mode which provides convenience to the people without accidents. Cost of construction and maintenance is very low. It even provides international transport   See also ADVANTAGES OF MODERN TOILETS MODERN TOILET FACILITIES PERSONAL HYGIENE COMMUNITY SANITATION FOOD POISONING



INTRODUCTION TO TRANSPORTATION Transport is the movement of substances within an organism. All living cells require oxygen and food for various metabolic processes. These substances must be transported to the cells. Metabolic processes in the cells produce excretory products which should be eliminated before they accumulate. The excretory products should be transported to sites of excretion. Organisms like amoeba are unicellular. They have a large surface area to volume ratio. The body is in contact with the environment. Diffusion is adequate to transport substances across the cell membrane and within the organism. Large multi-cellular organisms have complex structure where cells are far from each other hence diffusion alone cannot meet the demand for supply and removal of substances. Therefore an elaborate transport system is necessary.   Transport in plants Simple plants such as mosses and liverworts lack specialized transport system. Higher plants have specialized transport systems known as the vascular… Read More »INTRODUCTION TO TRANSPORTATION

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Science and technology is the application of scientific knowledge to solve perceived or advertised practical problems. The application of science and technology has made tremendous impact in the transportation system in Nigeria and all over the world. Below are the impact of science and technology on world transportation system.   Science and technology has led to the construction of good and reliable roads, rails and bridges which has made transportation easier and comfortable. Science and technology has made possible for the production of cars, aircrafts, ships, boats, etc that has made the transportation of people and good easy and convenient. It has helped to enhance international trade among countries of the world. It made the construction of airports and seaports possible. It has ensured speed in the movement of people and goods from one location to another.   PROBLEMS OF TRANSPORTATION IN NIGERIA Inadequate funding of transport infrastructures. Poor maintenance… Read More »IMPACT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ON WORLD TRANSPORTATION

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