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SS 3 Civic Education (1st Term)

Civic Education


LIMITATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS Human rights can be restricted for the overall good of the citizens and the country at large in the following ways: A citizen may be denied some of his rights if he is detained by law. A citizen’s right to life may be denied if he is condemned to death by the law court as a result of murder, armed robbery etc Right to life is also restricted by the law which forbids a citizen from killing himself or herself. Right to fair hearing cannot be exercised beyond the highest court which is the Supreme Court in Nigeria. Right to private property may be restricted by the right of the state to compulsorily acquire private property for public use. Declaration of dusk to dawn curfew in periods of emergency or chaos may limit the right of a citizen such as freedom of movement. The police in… Read More »LIMITATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS

Civic Education


CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION A citizen is a legally recognized member of a politically organized society known as a state.  A citizen is simply defined as a legal member of a state or country.   Citizenship education is the process of impacting information about citizen’s status, rights and duties into citizens with a view of making them understand the level of relationship expected of them in the state. It also involves the process of learning the skills, attitude and knowledge of participating in the affairs of a state or country to which you belong.   EVALUATION Who is a citizen? Define citizenship education.   GOALS OF CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION It helps citizens to develop consciousness of their legal status in a state and give them patriotic zeal to serve their state and humanity in general. It helps citizens to acquire adequate knowledge about their rights and duties in their society. Citizenship education teaches… Read More »CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION

Civic Education


COMMUNITY SERVICE Community Service: This is the service we offer or render at free will. They are activities people engage in to develop their society and thereby make life better for themselves and other members of the society.   Community service which is an act of charity to others can be done individually or in group. A very good means through which the youths are made to engage in community development service in Nigeria is the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). NYSC was established by decree number 24 on 22nd May, 1973 by the then military head of state General Yakubu Gowon, shortly after the civil war that ended in the year 1970. General Yakubu Gowon established the NYSC as part of his policy of reconstruction, rehabilitation and reconciliation. With the NYSC scheme, corps members are posted to different states in Nigeria and they have participated in community development service… Read More »COMMUNITY SERVICE

Civic Education


WOMEN TRAFFICKING AND CHILD LABOUR ERADICATION FOUNDATION (WOTCLEF) WOTCLEF is a non-governmental, non-profit making organization founded by the wife of the former vice president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief (Mrs) Titi Atiku Abubakar in the year 1999.   The aim of this organization is to partner with relevant agencies to restore human dignity by eradicating human trafficking and child labour in Nigeria. This foundation sent a private member bill to the National Assembly on the enactment of law prohibiting human trafficking and child labour in Nigeria. This bill was passed into law and assented/approved by the president of Nigeria on 14th July, 2003 as Trafficking in Persons Prohibition Law Enforcement and Administration Act.   EVALUATION What is the reason for establishing WOTCLEF? When was the bill passed into law?   ACTIVITIES OF WOTCLEF PUBLIC SENSITIZATION AND ENLIGHTENMENT WOTCLEF organizes seminars, workshops, musical concerts, sports, media advocacy and state… Read More »WOMEN TRAFFICKING AND CHILD LABOUR ERADICATION FOUNDATION

Civic Education


GOVERNMENT AND INDIVIDUAL EFFORTS GEARED TOWARDS COMBATING HUMAN TRAFFICKING Establishment of NAPTIP in year 2003. Government pledged in 2009 to annually fund the activities and operations of NAPTIP with over 7 million dollars. Government sustained efforts to raise awareness on human trafficking in both rural and urban areas by organizing workshops, seminars and conferences. Also by distributing manuals, textbooks, pamphlets, etc. printed in different languages on human trafficking and ways of preventing it. Enactment of trafficking law and administration Act in 2003 that was amended in 2005 to increase penalties and punishment for traffickers and to prohibit human trafficking in all form. Government together with international partners provide specialized training to officials of NAPTIP, Police, Custom and Immigration on how to recognize, investigate and prosecute human traffickers. The move towards enacting a law to directly address the challenge of Human Trafficking in Nigeria started with a private member bill sent… Read More »COMBATING HUMAN TRAFFICKING

Civic Education


HUMANTRAFFICKING Human trafficking is the recruiting, transporting, receiving and harboring of people in exchange for money. People who are most vulnerable to human trafficking are women and children and they are subjected into forced labour, slavery, servitude and prostitution. The people who engaged in human trafficking business are called human traffickers.   Human trafficking is a violation of human rights and the traffickers use their wealth and power to deceive and force the poor, less privileged, ignorant and vulnerable people in the society into all kinds of human exploitation that violates the fundamental human rights of the people involved.   Human trafficking could be done domestically or at the international level. Most international trafficking activities are targeted towards taking young ladies abroad through illegal means for the purpose of forcing them into prostitution. Domestic trafficking is targeted towards bringing young boys and girls into cities for force labour as house… Read More »HUMANTRAFFICKING

Civic Education


ADVANTAGES OF CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY IT ALLOWS FOR PEACEFUL CHANGE OF GOVERNMENT In a constitutional democracy, elections are conducted within a regular interval as stipulated by the constitution and this makes it easy to change a government.   IT ALLOWS THE PEOPLE TO CHOOSE THEIR LEADERS Democracy gives people the opportunity of voting during elections for candidates of their choice. The candidate with the highest vote wins the election and form government.     IT PROTECTS THE FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS OF PEOPLE There are certain rights or benefits endowed naturally on every individual as citizens of a state, these rights could be economic rights, social rights and political rights. These rights are popularly called fundamental human rights and it is the function of every government to recognize and protect these rights. Constitutional democracy ensures that people enjoy their rights to the maximum.   IT PROMOTES POPULAR PARTICIPATION Constitutional democracy encourages peoples’… Read More »ADVANTAGES OF CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY

Civic Education


Constitutional democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people which is based on the supremacy of the constitution. It can also be explained as a democratic system in which the will of the people prevail, their fundamental human rights recognized and protected, and the principle of rule of law strictly adhered to. It is a form of democracy founded, operated and controlled by the provisions of the constitution.   TYPES OF CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY DIRECT DEMOCRACY This is also known as classical democracy. It is a form of democracy in which all adult citizens take active part in the management and political running of the state. This type of democracy was practiced in Athens, the ancient city of Greece.   INDIRECT DEMOCRACY This is also called representative democracy. This form of democracy is built on the principle of majority rule because it allows a few… Read More »CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY

Civic Education


RIGHTS OF CITIZENS The primary function of a state or country is to protect the fundamental human rights of its citizens and as a citizen of Nigeria you have the following rights entitled to you: Right to life Right to freedom from torture, inhuman or degrading punishment. Right to freedom from deprivation of personal liberty. Right to freedom from discrimination on the ground of sex, race or tribe Right to fair and equal hearing Right to private and family life. Right to freedom of movement . Right to peaceful assembly and association Right to freedom of expression and the press. Right to freedom from slavery and forced labour. Right to freedom from unlawful imprisonment. Right to ownership of property. Right to vote and be voted for. Right to education.   EVALUATION Mention your fundamental rights as a citizen of Nigeria. Explain right to fair hearing.   Types of Laws in… Read More »RIGHTS OF CITIZENS

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