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Simple Reflex Action


SPINAL CORD – Simple and Conditioned Reflex Actions

SPINAL CORD – SIMPLE AND CONDITIONED REFLEX ACTIONS   The spinal cord is located within the vertebral column and consist of the following: The grey matter forms the central part of the spinal cord. It consists of nerveĀ¬cell bodies and intermediate nerve fibres. The white matter of the spinal cord carries sensory nerve fibers while the ventral root carries motor nerve fibers. Simple and Conditioned Reflex Actions Simple Reflex Action A simple reflex action is an automatic response to a stimulus. The route that is followed by impulses during a reflex action is called a reflex arc.   A reflex action follows the following sequence: A receptor is stimulated and an impulse is transmitted along a sensory nerve fibre to the spinal cord. The impulse is picked up by an intermediate neurone within the CNS. The intermediate nerve fibre transmits the impulse to a motor nerve fibre which is connected… Read More »SPINAL CORD – Simple and Conditioned Reflex Actions

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