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PRIMARY AND SECONDARY GROWTH The region of growth in plants is found in localized areas called meristems. A meristem is a group of undifferentiated cells in plants which are capable of continuous mitotic cell division. The main meristems in flowering plants are found at the tips of shoots and roots, in young leaves, at the bases of the inter-nodes. Zone Vascular cambium and cork cambium. The meristems at the tips of the shoots and the roots are known as apical meristems and are responsible for primary growth. The cambium meristems are responsible for secondary growth.   Primary Growth Primary growth occurs at the tips of roots and shoots due to the activity of apical meristems. These meristems originate from the embryonic tissues. In this growth there are three distinctive regions, the region of cell division, cell elongation and cell differentiation.   The region of cell division is an area of actively… Read More »PRIMARY AND SECONDARY GROWTH

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