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Scope of Social Studies

Social Studies

Meaning of Social Studies

MEANING AND SCOPE OF SOCIAL STUDIES EDUCATION Meaning of Social Studies Social Studies is the study of man and his environment. It focuses on making us understand the interrelationship between man and his environment. It can be described as a subject that studies the way man lives in his physical and social environment. It is about how man influences his environment and how this environment, in turn, influences him. Scope of Social Studies Basically, scope of Social Studies entails man, his environment (physical environment and social environment) as well as science and technology which man uses to make his environment suitable or conducive for him. It also entails the fact that Social Studies is an integrated subject. Dimensions of Social Studies Man: In Social Studies, ‘when we say man’ we simply mean human beings – you and I. It refers to human beings anywhere in the world: male or female, black… Read More »Meaning of Social Studies

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