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Basic Science


MEAINING OF STATELLITE Satellite is a body that orbits or moves round a planet e.g. the moon is a satellite of the earth Thus, the satellites or moons of the planet in our solar system are shown below PLANET                               NO OF SATELLITE Mercury                                   None Venus                                      None Earth                                       1 Mass                                        2 Jupiter                                     12 Saturn                                      9 Uranus                                     5 Neptune                                  2   NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL SATELLITES The moons that orbit the planets in solar system are natural satellite while artificial satellite are man made bodies, which were launched by various countries, and now orbiting the earth e.g. COUNTRY               YEAR OF FIRST LAUNCH          FIRST SATELLITE USSR                                      1957                                        Sputnik 1 USA                                        1958                                        Explorer 1 Australia                                  1964                                        Blue streak France                                                 1965                                        Asterix Japan                                       1970                                        Osumi China                                       1970                                        Dong fang hang 1 United kingdom                      1971                                        Prospero X-3 India                                        1979                                        Rohini 1 Israel                                       1988                                        Ofeg 1 Nigeria                                    2003                                        SAT 1… Read More »SATELLITE



SATELLITE REMOTE SENSING  Remote Sensing is defined as the act of obtaining information about an object without being in direct contact with the object. A satellite is an artificial body placed in orbit round the earth or on another planet to collect information or for communication. Satellite remote sensing is a satellite that study the earth’s surface and atmosphere.   APPLICATION OF SATELLITE REMOTE SENSING Satellite remote sensing can be applied in various field of life such as forestry, agriculture, environment, telecommunication, transportation etc.   Energy is the capacity to do work. Energy can take many forms such as light, heat or sound, and it can be transmitted between objects through three processes which are:   Conduction: The objects are in direct physical contact. Energy is transferred from the high energy object to the low energy object until both objects are at the same energy level. Convection: This occurs in… Read More »SATELLITE REMOTE SENSING

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