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Basic Science


SANITATION Sanitation is the process of keeping places free from dirt which causes infections, diseases and germs. This is done by removing waste products (both solid and liquid) away from the environment. It is also the process of maintaining cleanliness. PERSONAL CLEANLINESS This refers to the way of keeping germs from our bodies in order to maintain a healthy state.  Germs are organisms that are capable of causing diseases to our body. PERSONAL HYGIENE This is the practice of taking care of our body in order to lead a healthy life. The science and practice of maintaining good health through cleanliness is called hygiene. Ways of Keeping our Body Clean Clean your teeth at least twice daily. Always wash your body daily by bathing. Wash your hair always and comb it to make it look neat. Always wash and keep your clothes neat. Cut and keep your finger nails clean.… Read More »FAMILY HEALTH

Civic Education (Primary Classes)


What is a toilet? Å toilet is å place where people pass waste. Types of toilets We have traditional and modern toilets. Traditional toilets include: (å) The pit toilet (b) The bucket toilet (c) The bush Modern toilets are the kind of toilets which people use these days. Modern toilets are mostly found in large towns and cities. Some people call the modern toilet ‘the water system’. Ways of keeping modern toilets clean Flush the toilet after every use. Clean the toilet every day. Use disinfectants to clean the toilet. Do not stand on the toilet seat. Mop the floors and brush the ceiling. When the toilet gets faulty, call the plumber immediately. When the septic tank gets filled up, åsk the sanitation workers to clear it. Things for cleaning the toilet: broom, toilet brush, detergent, water, and disinfectant Presentation Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic. Step II: Teacher… Read More »Sanitation

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