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Pure water



WATER Pure water is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, neutral liquid. Pure water does not exist in nature but naturally in varying degree of purity. The main sources of water include rain, springs, borehole, lakes, seas and oceans: Water is generally used for the following purposes: (i) Drinking by animals and plants. (ii) Washing clothes. (iii) Bleaching and dyeing. (iv) Generating hydroelectric power. (v) Cooling industrial processes.   Water dissolves many substances/solutes. It is therefore called universal solvent. It contains about 35% dissolved Oxygen which support aquatic fauna and flora. Water naturally exists in three phases/states solid ice, liquid water and gaseous water vapour.   The three states of water are naturally inter convertible. The natural inter conversion of the three phases/states of water forms the water cycle. Liquid water in land, lakes, seas and oceans use the solar/sun energy to evaporate/vapourize to form water vapour/gas. Solar/sun energy is also used… Read More »WATER

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