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Business Studies


DIFFERETNT DEPARTMENTS IN AN ORGANSIATION The size of an organization depends on various departments in an organization. In a one man business the owner can act as an accountant, receptionist, clerk, manager, personnel manager, e.t.c in this type of organization the departments are few. But in a large organization where division of labour is practiced people with different fields of learning work in their special areas in an organization, we have what is called division of labour and specialization.   TYPES OF DEPARTMENT In a large organisation there are various departments. Such department includes:- Administrative department Personnel department Accounts department Sales department Purchasing department Production department Their functions are as follows:-   ADMINISTARTIVE DEPARTMENT Formulation of policies Arranging reception room for visitors to the organization Maintaining efficient filly system Documenting incoming and outgoing letters   PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT Employing new staff Arranging staff training Looking after staff welfare Keeping staff record… Read More »DEPARTMENTS IN AN ORGANSIATION

Business Studies

8 Types of Departments In An Organization

8 Types of Departments What is department?  A department is a unit or section established within an organisation to carry out the functions of that organisation. Departments in an organisation The following are the various departments that can be found in an organisation. They are: Administrative department Purchasing department Accounting department Sales department Personnel department Planning department Transport department Production department etc. Administrative department This department is the centre point of a business organisation. It is in charge of the day to day running of the organisation. In the school, the administrative department is mainly made up of the principal’s office, bursar’s office, reception office and the vice principal’s office. The head of the administrative department is called administrative manager. Functions/responsibilities Sees to the day to day running of the organisation Promoting the welfare of the staff of the organisation. Organizing reception for clients and visitors to the organisation Keeping… Read More »8 Types of Departments In An Organization

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