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protein digestion takes placed in the stomach

Agricultural Science


Introduction Animals are fed for the purpose of production and body maintenance. The edible material given to animals is called food. It is digested, absorbed and utilized in the body. Nutrients are organic and inorganic substances contained in the food materials Components of Food material Water, protein, Carbohydrates, Fats and oils, Vitamins Mineral salts.   Water Sources Free water (through drinking) Bound water (contained in feeds). Metabolic water (obtained from oxidation of food). Functions Regulates body temperature. Transport agent in the body. Universal solvent in the body. Gives shape to the cells (turgidity). Acts as a lubricant. Acts as constituent of body fluids. Factors Determining the Requirements of Water by Livestock Production level. Amount of dry matter eaten. Temperature of the surrounding area. Type of animal. Type of food eaten.   Protein Sources: Groundnut cakes, cotton seed cakes, fish meal, meat meal. Functions: Growth of new tissues. Repair of worn… Read More »LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION (NUTRITION)

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