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REPRODUCTION IN PLANTS AND ANIMALS Introduction The process by which mature individuals produce offspring is called reproduction. Reproduction is a characteristic of all living organisms and prevents extinction of a species. There are two types of reproduction: sexual and asexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction involves the fusion of male and female gametes to form a zygote. Asexual reproduction does not involve gametes.   Cell Division Cell division starts with division of nucleus. In the nucleus are a number of thread-like structures called chromosomes, which occur in pairs known as homologous chromosomes. Each chromosome contains-genes that determine the characteristics of an organism. The cells in each organism contain a specific number of chromosomes.   There are two types of cell division: Mitosis This takes place in all body cells of an organism to bring about increase in number of cells, resulting in growth and repair. The number of chromosomes in daughter cells… Read More »REPRODUCTION IN PLANTS AND ANIMALS

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