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Peer Group Influence

Social Studies


Causes of Contemporary Social Problems in Nigeria Some causes of social problems in Nigeria are: Poverty in the midst of plenty in the society or community. Corruption among leaders. Negative Peer Group Influence Influence of the Mass Media Unchecked access to the internet. Divorce and broken homes Cheating within the group. Sexual immorality in the society. Cultism among the youths and elders. Parents encouraging their wards’ involvement in examination malpractice. Greed for wealth at all costs without legitimate labour for it. Lack of love and parental care in the family. Unfaithful religious leaders. Indiscipline Disobedience to the laws of the land. Ignorance Injustice Proliferation of arms and ammunition.   Poverty Poverty means the inability to provide the basic needs of life for oneself, family and dependants. This basic needs primarily are food, clothing and shelter. In addition, inability to provide quality education to enable  proper and complete socialization of one’s… Read More »CAUSES OF CONTEMPORARY SOCIAL PROBLEMS IN NIGERIA

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