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SUPPORT AND MOVEMENT IN PLANTS Necessity for support and movement Movement is a characteristic of all living organisms. It enables animals and plants to adjust to their environment. Most animals move from place to place but some are sessile (i.e. fixed to the substratum). Majority of plants move only certain parts. However, though not easily observed all living protoplasm shows movement of one type or another.   Necessity for support and movement in plants They enable plants to be held upright to trap maximum light for photosynthesis and gaseous exchange. To hold flowers and fruits in appropriate position for pollination and dispersal respectively. To enable plants to grow to great heights and withstand forces of environment e.g. strong winds. Movement of male gametes to effect fertilization and ensure perpetuation of a species. Plant parts move in response to certain stimuli in the environment of tropisms.   Tissue distribution in Monocotyledonous… Read More »SUPPORT AND MOVEMENT IN PLANTS

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